With Desktop as a Service – You do Have a Choice

Right now, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is buzzing. DaaS is a solution in which levels of services are combined to provide a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution. The back-end is installed and managed by a service provider while the tenant layer is managed by the customer.

Typical DaaS solutions are based on a cloud service and the VDI is hosted by a cloud service provider. There is also an option for the customer to have the DaaS infrastructure in their own data center. The customer then becomes the service provider.

DaaS is designed to have multi-tenancy architecture.  The resources are consumed based on a subscription model. In the on-premises DaaS delivery model, the service provider manages the back-end responsibilities of data storage, compute, security and upgrades. The resources are then allocated to each tenant by the service provider. The tenant administrative console would use the allocated resources to create the virtual desktop services or pools, based on an imported desktop image. The entitlement for the users are created which allows a user to obtain a virtual desktop.

The division between the different business units would be considered tenants. When a solution requires completely isolated environments within the company, on-premises DaaS would be used to provide that separation. This adds more management by the IT Administrator as they not only have to maintain the desktops for each of the tenants but also the DaaS infrastructure that supports the desktops.

DaaS is a good alternative for small or mid-size businesses that want to provide their end users with the advantages a virtual desktop solution without deploying an in-house VDI infrastructure. If there is a need to keep the infrastructure in-house (compliance issues) and still provide a multi-tenant environment, DaaS on-premises could be the solution.


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