Horizon 6 Desktop Book

Writing a book was something I never considered. Nearly two years ago my good friend and co-worker at that time, Ryan Cartwright brought an opportunity to write book for VMware View 5.2 based on a previous version by Andre Leibovici and Jason Langone found here:  http://tinyurl.com/monahfv

We jumped in and started our journey into book writing.   Half way through the book, VMware announced the release of Horizon View 6. It only made sense to change the focus to new version release. After completing the rest of the book and going back and rewriting the first half, we completed the work and it was published in September of 2014. This was a great experience for me and I had a whole new appreciation to the effort that goes into the book writing process. Here is the link for the book: http://tinyurl.com/oapfz99

Summary of the Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Components of VMware Horizon View 6
  • Chapter 2: Solution Methodology
  • Chapter 3: Persistent or Nonpersistent vDesktops
  • Chapter 4: End Devices
  • Chapter 5: The PCoIP Protocol
  • Chapter 6: Sizing the VDI
  • Chapter 7: Building Redundancy into the VDI Solution
  • Chapter 8: Sizing the Storage
  • Chapter 9: Security
  • Chapter 10: Migrating User Personas
  • Chapter 11: Backing Up the VMware View Infrastructure
  • Chapter 12: Exciting New Features in Horizon View 6

 The book also has the items you would need to setup a lab

 Hope you find this a useful tool to help you with your VDI solution using VMware Horizon.

Happy Virtualizing!

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